One Piece Episode 966 Indonesian subtitles

One Piece Sub Indo tells the adventure of a character named Monkey D. Luffy (Luffy) who is different from other pirates. Instead of flaunting violence and crime, or chasing after big names, Luffy looks more like he's just a crappy crew of a pirate ship - a deceptive appearance.

Luffy's desire to become a pirate is based on his determination to be able to adventure in the open seas and meet new interesting people, and to find the legendary treasure called One Piece. That's why Luffy, who has assembled a crew who are also his best friends, sails the seas to reach the Grand Line, just as his childhood hero did. Throughout his adventure, Luffy and his friends have faced various dark mysteries and fought strong enemies in order to get One Piece.

Since this story began, One Piece Sub Indo has gone through various important, defining arcs, including the following Reverie Arc.

Arc Reverie One Piece Sub Indo

Furthermore, in the One Piece Sub Indo adventure in the Reverie Arc. Here, all representatives of leaders around the world hold a meeting to discuss the actions of Luffy and his pirate group. Based on the news, the Luffy pirate group has successfully defeated Charlote Linlin aka Big Mom, who is one of the Yonkou pirates. It's just that, the news is actually an issue that has been exaggerated by Morgans. Of all the representatives of the countries in the world, four of them came from the Kingdom of Dressrosa, Ryugu Kingdom, Alabasta, and Drum Kingdom, which Luffy and his friends had saved.

It's just that, what's busy in this arc is not only the leaders of countries around the world, but also a group calling itself the Revolutionary Army. This troop is a rebel group whose mission is to overthrow the government of the celestial dragons, aka the Tenryuubito, who are considered ridiculous.

The leading commanders of the Revolutionary Army held their own meetings. They are Lindbergh, Karasu, Belo Betty, and Morley, each of which has unique powers that have been revealed in the ongoing story.

The excitement of the meeting held by various angles caught the attention of Akainu, the highest admiral, and sparked his anger. The reason is, Akainu remembered that in the past he had let Dragon's son escape alive in a big war that took place at Marineford long ago. As a result, there was a big mess because Monkey D. Luffy was one of the figures with the initials D.

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Wano Country Arc

The episodes in the 13th arc of One Piece are a continuation of the Reverie Arc. Here, the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance has begun recruiting new members in Wano Country with the aim of overthrowing the tyrant leader of the Shogun who is still in power today, Kurozumi Orochi of the Satisfied Beast Pirates.

At the same time, the Big Mom Pirates are also ambitious to pursue the Luffy pirate group, the Straw Hat pirates, to Wano Country thanks to their previous actions at Whole Cake Island. As a result, in one area, there are two Yonkou who insist on chasing Luffy and his friends. And Big Mom has arrived in Wano Country, but unfortunately because of King's attack, Big Mom fell into the sea and was found on Kuri's beach by Chopper and her friends in a state of memory loss. Will Big Mom be Luffy's alliance in the future? Or is it the other way around?

And did Luffy and his friends finally succeed in overthrowing the power of Shogun Orochi when they were also being hunted by the two Yonkou? Click the link below to watch the continuation of the One Piece series, OK!

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